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   For Solid and Sound Decisions!


Always these decisions! Unfortunately you can't avoid them...

...but fortunately there is a First Aid Kit from Dr. Decision Picker!

Jetzt loslege!
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Dr. Decision Picker 

➔ the shortcut to your decision

Find out what's best for you.

Find out whether there is a alternative.

Find new ways!

Utilize the tried and tested tools!

➔ and make your life easier... 

Learn how to keep a cool head in tricky situations!


What are you waiting for?


Utilize analysisdiagnosis and tools 
from the First Aid Kit for great decisions

CALL Dr. Decision Picker!
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The book in German:


Guidance Tools

These are additional power tools for your decision!

Our Services

"Kaleidoscope Laboratory"

The Laboratory to find out more about yourself

What kind of decision type are you?

"Polish Up Your Business Life"


Find out purpose and direction for your decision

"Leave a Footprint in Your First 100 Days"

How leave an impactful  Footprint in your new job.

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