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Have a look at the packages I offer and you know what coaching can do for you!

Coaching is NOT giving advice or archeology of your past. Coaching is a fresh wind to creating new options, to see the „Big Picture". You take a shortcut to new perspectives in a coaching. You create your next level of acting. For more than 10 years I have been providing this service to my clients according to the worldwide recognized standards of the ICF (International Coach Federation).







What my clients achieved:  

  • to be financially  more successful

  • to choose a specific niche for their business. 

  • to find out how their talents and passions match with their career development

  • to be more precise in how to develop their business

  • to improve their professional performance without becoming a monster

  • to manage successfully their first 100 days in the new job/position 

  • to earn the money they deserve

  • to communicate more efficient and deliver the message that is important for them



These are only a few examples. All my Business Coaching sessions are delivered in an ethically and transparent manner, based on the ICF Code of Ethics, with empathy, experience and Know-How from a  life long learning as Expatriate coach abroad and Entrepreneur in Austria.















Is Coaching

For Me?

What is happening during a coaching session


100% focus on your topic


Listening without paternalism or good advice


“Magic moment” through a change of perspective or new insights


New learning about yourself and transforming that learning into new ways of doing things


Shaping the future

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